Forest Lord

Evenwood is a campaign that works hard to be a fun, uncomplicated world where the forces of evil are singular in power and purpose.

To this end, the following “rules” are in effect.

Arcane Magic is viewed with high suspicion by all citizens of Evenwood, and shunned in most of the surrounding rural communities. Characters choosing this path will need to understand this prejudice and what it means to their characters up front.

Divine Magic is essentially powered through a single, monotheistic deity. The Creator is worshiped by most of the citizens, and is essentially “housed” in the Churches and Abbeys spread throughout the land. The dogma is fairly strict and formal, and most charity work throughout the land is funneled through the Church of the Creator.

There is also a group of adherents who choose to revere the Creator through what is commonly called “The Old Faith”. The more common priests of the Old Faith are essentially druids, and the worshipful are primarily those folk who are more rural than urban.

The availability of magic in the game is constrained due to the level of suspicion surrounding magic in general. It exists, especially in many of the places an adventurer is apt to poke about, but the campaign will not house a large surplus of items. Flashier items will bring as much suspicion on the wielder as it would any arcane caster, and players should be well aware of this.

Also many of the creatures that might be found in abundance in other worlds are apt to be singular creatures of far greater power than what players of the standard ruleset are used to. For instance, instead of great mountain expanses crawling with giants of various races, it’s far more likely that there is a cave that most inhabitants are aware of and give wide berth to where “The Giant” dwells. This will not always be the rule, but more often than not, players should assume that nothing they encounter will follow what is laid out in the manuals.

The Kingdom of Evenwood