• Hezekiah Blackstone - "The Necromancer"

    Hezekiah Blackstone - "The Necromancer"

    Though normally hooded, the Necromancer by virtue of his curse, is a mass of scars and semi-healed wounds.
  • King Aldus

    King Aldus

    The most beloved of the Evenwood monarchs, his rule has brought a twenty year peace to the land.
  • Master Po

    Master Po

    A small but well built older man with long moustaches, a topknot and eyes that sparkle with ferocity and purpose.
  • Prince Colton

    Prince Colton

    Dark haired and handsome youth, with a cruel streak that worries his parents and any close to the throne. He is second in line to inherit the throne, behind his brother Justin.
  • Prince Justin

    Prince Justin

    The favored son of Aldus, Justin is next in line to the throne, and well beloved of the folk of Evenwood. He has his mother's blonde locks and his father's good looks.