Hezekiah Blackstone - "The Necromancer"

Though normally hooded, the Necromancer by virtue of his curse, is a mass of scars and semi-healed wounds.


Hezikiah Blackstone was a priest of the Order, when he stumbled upon ancient texts in the reliquary in the capital. His studies of the tomes brought him to an understanding of how to use the dark arts of necromancy. Hezikiah thought to use these powers against the Darkness, and started to work with the magics within them. When he ventured too deeply into the texts on death, and raising the dead, the Darkness sensed him and overwhelmed him. He was cursed, and he was granted powers in service to the Darkness. He embraced both the curse and the power, and the Necromancer was born.

Hezekiah is cursed with eternal life. He regenerates all damage done to him, irreguardless of the source, though there is a twist. He clings to life no matter how grievous the wounds, and during it all, he is mentally aware. He has been reduced to a bloody puddle in his past, but even that oozing filth remains, slowly reknitting his body. This has resulted in his current state of sanity

He also has the power to animate any dead thing within 100 yards of him. He can sense the dead within that range, and call to them. They are then animated in a form of his choosing, though he has never created undead much more powerful than ghasts. In this manner, he can literally create an army of the unliving by simply strolling through a graveyard.

Once he made his power known, King Aldus waged a war on the army that Hezekiah had arrayed. The battle was brutal, and as soon as the King lost men, the Necromancer gained them. It was only through a concerted effort of the church and state that the Necromancer was finally defeated. The Order and the Old Faith worked together to deal with the army of the restless dead, and the King and his son Justin managed to steal into the stolen fortress he commanded and confront the Necromance by surprise. They narrowly defeated him, and at that time, the King was forced to find an extreme means to deal with the Necromancer.

He commissioned and created a prison on a nearby Island called Wyvern Rock. The island was remote, and little lived on the island except for a family of wyverns. The King and his sons hunted the great beasts until only a handful were left, keeping the remains of the Necromancer in a secure location high in one of the castle towers. There were occasions where the necromancer, now contained in a rather small trunk, still managed to call aid to himself, but it was little more than a stray beggar who mananged to also kill and then have a few others animated. They were defeated, and while the prison was built, the indigent population of Evenwood was forced outside the walls of the castle.

About three months after his defeat, construction well underway, the Necromancer was shipped to Wyvern Rock to be placed under the care of Master Po, a monk of the Order. He was strict and efficient, and the prison was built with the utmost care, taking time to pace off 100 yards from the prison of the Necromancer. That perimiter was “safe” from his influence, and there were procedures in place to keep any living thing from entering this area. For over twenty years Master Po has overseen the prison of Wyvern Rock without incident.

After the first ten, the prison was converted from one holding a single occupant, to one holding the worst of the criminals that Evenwood had to offer. Several pirate captains and their crews, and a few of the kindgoms darkest villians are here, all adhering to the strict rules enforced by the Master Po and the Order of the Vigilant, his brothers having moved from the mainland to take their home beside their eldest brother. The Monastery of the Vigilant Fist also firmly entrenched on Wyvern’s Rock once the prison expanded, as Master Po instisted on only using guards he could trust.

The Isle is protected by air from the Wyverns that still sparsely lair on the Isle. They are aggressive and tend to attack any who fly over the island. They are kept at bay by archers using arrows tipped with a poison that will sicken the wyverns. Once one is affected by a bolt, they tend to steer clear of the men wielding the weapons.

By sea, the rocky shoals and reefs guard the Rock, with only a handful of sailors who know the way to safely navigate to the single dock on the Island. Also, the waters are filthy with carnivorous fish, as the garbage and refuse (along with any dead prisoners or staff), are catapulted into the sea in order to be as far away from Blackstone as possible. The system is efficient, and keeps enough predators in range of the Island to provide that no prisoner should ever be able to swim the four miles to shore without becoming fish food.

The prisoners in the general population here live in huts in an area on the island where they are left to fend for themselves. The guards seldom police this area, and the residents search the skies before moving about, as the wyverns are fond of “testing the defenses” here. There is a bow here that the prisoners can wield, and sometimes it works to scare off the beasts, but they are provided no ammunition and told that they are to ring an emergency bell, and that the regular guards will come to their aid as they are available to.

Hezekiah Blackstone - "The Necromancer"

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